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I will always be grateful to Doug, He was there to help me in the worst time of my life.


We can’t thank Doug enough for all he has done for us. He is a wonderful guy.

-PC and DC

Doug was so patient with me. He helped me understand my situation and how bankruptcy worked. I had not been sleeping well thinking about everything over and over again but after the very first meeting with Doug, I finally got a good night sleep.

Thank you – PS

My husband was making my life miserable and he promised I would lose the house and kids if I filed for divorce. Doug helped me feel comfortable to move forward and I actually expressed my hope to move back to where my family lived. Doug made it all possible; he gave me the strength to do what I wanted to do in my heart. I recommend Attorney Surprenant to everyone.


I was so embarrassed by my finances. I really wanted to pay all my bills but I just couldn’t. Doug made me feel comfortable. He never judged me. I’m so happy I went forward. Doug is a great guy.


I was so nervous about bankruptcy and the whole process. Doug told me there was nothing to worry about and he told me everything that would happen before it happened but I couldn’t help being upset. After the meeting in Boston, Doug gave me a big hug and I started crying because I was so relieved. Thank you so much.


My husband and I went to see Attorney Doug Surprenant after we cashed in our 401K and sold my jewelry. I wish we had gone to him earlier because he helped put things in perspective and now we are in a better living situation and have a little money to spend on our grandchildren. I even tried to get Doug and my daughter to date but that didn’t work out. My husband and I thoroughly recommend Mr. Surprenant if you are thinking about bankruptcy.

-PS and HS

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