Divorce Law in Holbrook, MA

contested divorce holbrook ma

Divorce does not have to end badly.

I am committed to representing your best interests and helping you through the stress of today to make sound long-term decisions. I have helped hundreds of individuals and families in Norfolk County, Plymouth County and other communities south of Boston.

Contested Divorce Doesn't Have to Be a Fight

Full-fledged trials are rare and most people find that middle ground under the threat of a long, bitter and costly courtroom battle. The key is to negotiate from a position of strength so that the other party has more to lose than gain in court. I have experience in resolving the common sticking points in divorce and division of property: QDROs (Pension, 401k, IRA and other retirement funds); personal property versus real property; long or short term alimony; fair child support; distribution of debts; and determination of self-employed income. Other common issues involve keeping the kids in the home with the custodial parent until it is the right time to sell, and maintaining health insurance for the children and spouse. In general, Massachusetts law equitably splits assets that were acquired during the marriage, even if one person was the breadwinner. The idea is to look at the assets as a whole and then divide them based on each person's needs; for example, one spouse may keep their retirement while the other gets the home.

Although I can only represent one spouse, I am honest and will not be party to a lopsided property division or a visitation schedule that keeps one parent out of a child's life. I will listen to the other spouse's concerns and help you find a fair middle ground that a judge will approve.

Contested Divorce

"Lose your spouse not your house." A divorce begins with the filing of court papers. However, the process and prospect of a trial is expensive and stressful. It can leave your future to the whims of a judge and it's hard on the children. Sometimes your spouse doesn't want the divorce or they have control issues and do not believe in compromise. Doubt and anxiety may creep in when you see that your spouse's wish list is very different from your own. I will try to negotiate an amicable resolution, but sometimes you just have to fight tooth and nail to get what you deserve.

Uncontested Divorce

Divorce does not have to be nasty or expensive, but it should be final. If the two of you can agree on the big issues - splitting of property and the living and visitation arrangements for the children - I can help you resolve the minor disagreements and put it all in writing to prevent disputes down the road.

I am an experienced divorce lawyer who has helped many couples reach an amicable divorce agreement that both parties feel is fair. If you have children, that should not be a barrier to uncontested divorce. In fact, sparing your kids the trauma of a divorce trial or custody battle is one of the biggest reasons to reach an amicable divorce. I can only represent one person, but my open, honest, and fair approach should lead you both to an agreement.

Uncontested Amicable Divorce Attorney

Many of my clients have already been separated for awhile, but put off divorce for financial or personal reasons. If you’re ready to move forward and make it official, amicable divorce has many advantages: it’s quicker, less costly, less stressful, and has less impact on the children.

The role of a lawyer is to protect your interests, address issues the two of you didn’t consider, and offer solutions for any remaining disputes. I will make sure that you come to a mutual agreement on:

  • Splitting the assets and/or debt
  • Continuating of medical coverage
  • Explaining and establishing physical versus legal custody
  • Determining fair child support and/or alimony
  • Establishing a visitation schedule that works for everyone