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Resolving Custody, Visitation and Child Support


The Law Office of Doug Surprenant provides counsel and representation for people facing all sorts of family law issues involving children. I handle the initial determination of custody and support, the nuts and bolts of visitation, and modifications or enforcement issues that arise later.

As your attorney, I represent you and the best interests of your children. I approach these matters from the perspective of what is realistic and likely to be honored by both sides so that you are not back in court every six months.

Clients include both mothers and fathers, grandparents, custodial and non-custodial parents, divorced and never married parents. I represent clients in Norfolk and Plymouth counties in Massachusetts.


Child Custody and Visitation

I can represent you in contested proceedings if you are fighting over primary physical custody, or seeking shared parenting in which kids split time at each house. If you concede custody, I work to ensure that you have regular access to your children during the week, extra time in the summer, and a real say in their education, upbringing, and welfare.

My goal is a workable, lasting parenting plan which recognizes that a son or daughter is half of each parent and needs them both.

I also represent either parent in post-decree custody disputes:

  • Relocating out of state with the kids
  • Petitions for sole custody because of an alcohol/drug problem or child abuse
  • Interference with visitation rights
  • An older child who wants to live with the other parent


Child Support and Alimony

Initial determination of child support is dictated by a state formula and your earned incomes. My role as your lawyer is to ensure that the other parent is not hiding income or otherwise manipulating the amount used in the calculation. Alimony is also based on income, but it is not as straightforward. Also the law has recently changed, reducing and limiting alimony based on years of marriage, co-habitation, and retirement, among other factors.

If there is a substantial change in circumstances – job loss or health crisis, big promotion or remarriage – I can represent you in arguing for a reduction or increase in child support and/or alimony payments.

If the other party is not paying the court-ordered support, I will go to court on your behalf for a contempt of court ruling to enforce their obligation to make timely support or face a jail sentence.

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