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Doug Surprenant is a dedicated legal professional well-versed in many specialized areas. Doug will not advocate for you in an area with which he is not experienced. He brings a diverse background to the table which enables him to advocate for you in many areas of law. This gives you an edge when dealing with complex legal matters. Often, more than one area of expertise is required. No need to hire a multitude of attorneys. Doug can provide you with comprehensive legal support in many areas.

My office offers free initial consultations, and services include:

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Everybody is Eligible for Bankruptcy

When you meet, Doug will explain exactly how bankruptcy would work for you and how it would affect you. He will also review the other options available to you and help you to decide which is your best choice based on your circumstances.

Are there any requirements to file for bankruptcy? – There are no requirements to file bankruptcy, other than reporting all your income, assets and liabilities. The “means test” will often determine if you will be able to file for Chapter 7 or how much you would pay monthly in a Chapter 13 scenario.

Do I have to owe a certain amount to qualify for bankruptcy? – It doesn’t matter how much you owe. What matters is that if you can’t afford to pay your bills, then you are a good candidate for bankruptcy. It is the fastest and cleanest way to get a fresh start.

Is bankruptcy my best option? – Bankruptcy may not be your best option if, for example, you make too much money or have too many assets in your name. However for most people bankruptcy is the best choice.

The whole idea behind considering all of the options is that you will take control of your finances. Once we evaluate the bankruptcy process together and it’s completed, you can move on with a fresh start.

You’re doing everything you can to stay on top of your bills, but it just isn’t enough. You get so many harassing creditor phone calls that you have stopped answering your phone. But you know you can’t go on like that forever.

When you don’t know where else to turn to stop the creditors from calling night and day, filing for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy is an option worth considering.

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